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Varun Agrawal

Varun Agrawal is the founder and face of Settle Subtle; a menswear fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle blog with a keen interest in automobile and liquor category. Started in 2016 with the aim to personate the subtle art of elegant style, the blog curates content which is aspirational yet relatable.

Having worked with the who’s-who of the respective fields, namely Versace, Ted Baker, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, etc., Varun Agrawal has received recognition for his work by publications like Vogue, GQ, Peacock Magazine, Ykone, CNBC 18, Barclet, etc. One of his latest features includes being a part of ‘The Top 50 Influencers In India’ by the Exhibit Magazine. The blog won the Best Urban Style award by Palladium Spotlight 2017.

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