A 360° fully inclusive social media marketing organisation, The Plug Media is a name synonymous with all things digital. Established  with the fundamental vision of making the social media marketing process more efficient and effective, we encompass a wide gamut of services – Influencer Marketing, Talent Management, Video Production and Social Media Management, all under one roof.

With a driven, headstrong team bringing their expertise and experience to the table, within 45 months, we have amassed a clientele of over 275 world class brands and executed over 1800 influencer campaigns through our enviable roster of exclusive talents.

With the leverage of being the pioneers in the field in more ways than one and having a strong foothold in the industry, we have constantly and consistently turned heads in the digital space in a short span.




It goes without saying that the best way to reach a particular target group is through the influencers that have a strong hold over that group. The Plug Media is the bridge between these two ends and helps you identify the right personalities that will best benefit your brand from our troupe of the most sought after influencers. Furthermore, since effective marketing today relies on capitalising off the impact created by influencers, we do our best to help execute the right kind of campaigns resulting in accelerated growth and engagement.

To be able to target all possible groups through a plethora of talents, we are constantly on the lookout to increase our list of influencers, and keep bringing fresh faces to the table, that will further enunciate our reach and then managing them all to the best of our capabilities and then some. This ensures we have the right person for every purpose and facilitates smooth functioning and execution of each campaign and task that comes our way.

A key element to utilising social media platforms for brand promotions is to ensure that the content that is pushed across is efficient in conveying the message, interesting to the audience, and consists of more than just a call to action. We believe in creating interactive content that stays with the audience, adds value and keeps them hooked. We go one step further in making it look aesthetically appealing as well because that is one feature that shouldn’t be compromised upon. Keeping all this in mind, we handle the different social media platforms for brands and help in creating online personas that promise the kind of feedback you set out to achieve.

Moving images—it’s the new norm but there is a lot that goes down behind the production of an excellently developed video that procures what it’s meant to. Our skilled team of videographers is at your expense to ease the burden that this task brings about, as well as take care of all the hassles of pre and post-production.

We understand the ever-evolving nature of the Public Relations industry, and in alignment to that, we craft strategies & storytelling that are an eclectic mix of reputation management, business augmentation and pitching positive stories. Our aim is to deliver credibility via our media tie-ups and connections across various segments. We are here to help influencers and brands to establish in the diverse current industry and help them create their niche through effective PR positioning.




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